One thing leads to another five things

Not in a bad way as such, except for the screaming wallet. The water damage in the bathroom was the worst of this ongoing saga, the “bubble ceiling” is now repaired, but not painted yet because it´s drying FLAT for a few days.

Turns out the old wall tiles aren´t made anymore, not good when only one wall needs new ones and they don´t match the others. “Bog Eyed and cross eyed” comes to mind. End result, ok do all four walls.

Can´t hear myself think here, THE WORKMEN IN OUR HOUSE ARE KNOCKING TILES OFF THREE WALLS TO MATCH THE NEW ONE. It´s all ass about tit, but quite normal for us. 

Try to imagine what these beauties look like next door to cream ones with random pink bits, it´s not a pretty sight.   


So one wall turned into four..

Of course the bath / shower had to come out, and to be honest they weren´t worth putting back in.

Mr Designer Man came round next, ok, so lets have a made to measure big fancy shower installed.

Vanity unit / sink, water damage at back, new one required, haven´t chosen it yet.

Note: None of this work done without written quotes in advance. 

So here´s a photo of our beautiful new bathroom, only this corner finished as yet. Main features being, a cool box, a pizza inside a bucket, and a plastic pipe joining them together. Good eh?


Believe it or not they filled a skip full rubbish today. To be fair it can´t really be classed as rubbish, but needs must.

As an aside, I´m so glad it´s a Spanish firm doing all this work, we´ve seen the damage a Brit repairman in Spain can do on several occasions.

As another aside, I´m also so glad we have a downstairs bathroom. If an occasional three person queue for the solitary loo happens at the same time “ladies go first” applies while the other two toss a coin.

2 thoughts on “One thing leads to another five things

  1. Hi Jim,

    It´s a north west UK thing where I grew up.

    “Ass about tit” is doing something in the wrong order, like “putting the cart before the horse.”

    Then there´s “well I´ll go tut fut of r stairs” which means just learned something new and feeling amazed by it.

    And who could forget the old gem “put wood in thóle” which means “Shut the door.”´

    Eee by gum = “Well I never.”

    Had to grow up learning two languages.


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