Happy Boring Easter

Sounds ironic saying the traditional “Happy Easter”during a pandemic, no parties, no fun to be had, no meals out, just four days of the same old same old. Perhaps we should buy some Easter eggs and a bottle or two of champagne .

Back to reality:

It´s not rocket science, we left everything a month to dry out since the boiler blew up, and the guys working on the whole mess now each deserve a medal.

Today is an unusual day of repairs and renovations in reverse, it´s the first time a surprise problem has arisen for the team. After digging down the water pipe fittings of the old bathroom sink, they turned out to be inferior and in need of  replacement. We were shown the difference with a photo, and CAN´T risk the potential for anymore trauma, so yeh, go for it. The new one is much more sturdy, and they´re fitting it now. Before digging into the depths they thought the plumbing might be ok. Nope, after getting the new kit they showed us the difference side by side. Yep, they were correct.


It has to be said, this team of five workmen have worked their asses off all week, they´re doing a wonderful job of pure perfection and dedication, I´d recommend them to anyone. NOT CHEAP but well worth it, and NO SHORTCUTS.

So far there´s a list of what´s been repaired, removed, replaced and finished, far too long to state, it´s major water damage the eye doesn´t see. There is one visible improvement so far, the wall tiles in the bathroom are all up, I´d post a photo of what the eye CAN see, but they´re full of the dust power tools cutting through various things make.   

Good news, the toilet´s plumbing is ok, here it is patiently sat on the landing for now, no pissing about required, (excuse pun). But it´ll have to wait it´s turn for collection and delivery, (excuse another pun).


We´ve got no power at the moment, the guys are faffing about with water pipes and there´s an electricity conduit nearby so..

Oh wait, they´re going for some lunch and the lights are back on, nosy pants here has just been up for a sneak peak at progress.

Here´s our new sink / vanity unit, beautiful isn´t it? The left side is a fine example of behind the scenes improvements we knew nothing about.


Just thought I´d show off part of the kitchen too. Ceiling stripped back and restored last week. New tiles for the walls awaiting, repaint of whole ceiling again, and new cornices to be replaced. 


I think the lesson learned here is that a good job cannot be rushed. Might end up looking great on the outside, but what about behind the scenes?  Patience is a virtue.

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