The greatest April Fool diversion ever

The best way to tackle April Fool´s day is to forget it´s April Fool´s day, and hope to god everyone in house prison with you does the same, which they did. I suspect there´s two ways it can go in these difficult times.

  • No one knows what day it is anyway. (Safe)
  • Some clever dick notices the date on whichever device they´re looking at. (Unsafe)

Focusing on the unsafe problem. Confinement for over a year could lead to pranks on a scale like never before, a new, more dangerous experience based on borderline insanity. The plastic spider in your bed could be a real one that bites. The car gets painted green in the early hours of the morning. Favourite items of clothing are discovered in the freezer.

A good old titter turns into sheer heart stopping terror.         

Amidst the mayhem of currently living in a building site with hubby, son, and five Spanish blokes bashing half your house down, even what month it is goes unnoticed. The only reason I know it´s Good Friday today is because one of the workmen told me in Spanglish.

In hindsight, there was a “diversion version” of an April Fool NOT a joke played on us yesterday. In fact, you could call it TWO. When I told you about the upgrade in plumbing required for the bathroom sink, I forgot to mention they have to dig up all the floor tiles in there and replace them..

We reluctantly know it´s all necessary and has to be done.

But anything else? I mean would you like the house moved a bit to the left or something? Shush, I blurted that out after they´d all gone home to watch Easter Netflix with the kids for hours on end.

On a final note, here´s a helpful guide to clarify any day of any week of any year.

“The day before yesterday was the tomorrow of yesterday´s tomorrow, which is today.”

Quote courtesy of the late great Ronnie Barker, RIP.

So, Happy Christmas Day.

2018-12-25 13.27.47

On the beach with friends, next to the Med, drinking champagne, oh wait, this photo was taken two years ago when we had a thing called FREEDOM. Ah the memories…

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