A bare blog

Apologies for the lack of “widgets” on here, WordPress are you listening?

I thought some sicko was stealing my blog content and posting it as their own. But how? This blog is locked down like a fortress.

So a couple of days ago I delved into the depths of computer related forensics, at first I suspected it was a hacker mirroring my blogposts (stealing content).

These things have to be narrowed down, and I was getting sick and fed up of finding dead ends.

Basically, I could access this content because IT had to use MY profile, but the option to delete was missing (of course). Not easy at the best of times.   

Now what? Well one decision was to throw my laptop at the wall, or go scream under a bridge while wearing a mask.

Yesterday I started thinking about my own WordPress “links” (To and From) on here. There was only one that stood out as a real contender, my other “no bells and whistles” free blog about about our years living living aboard a Dutch barge.

I discovered it had been picking up my recent blog posts, weird, PLUS it´s name had changed to my Twitter “name,” PLUS my billing history was in it´s name, and last but not least it had mysteriously linked itself to this one.

Drastic measures were taken, I deleted my Twitter account, which goes ignored by me so no big deal. I spoke to a WordPress representative and deleted the old blog. We still have all the photos on my hard drive and also backed up in the sky, so again, no big deal.   

I´m not a pessimist, rather a realist with glass half full. The entire content of any deleted blog can take up to 30 days to go to hell. BUT there´s a big BUT, timing wise, there´s been no payment gone to it yet, because it´s all gone tits up only recently.

So a WordPress rep may still be getting a flea in their ear, and until I´m sure the whole thing has been sorted there´s no bells and whistles on here. But I can do photos:

Here´s our home of several years before we moved to Spain, she was a beauty and we had good times, even though she was a money pit..

     023 - Copy

Too wide for many locks on the canal, but we could get to the Leeds Liverpool, usually with three boats worth of narrowboat friends accompanying us in a convoy. Ours being bigger meant it was always the hub of silliness and hilarity. 

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