Is there anybody out there?

Dear reader,

First of all, apologies for all the mind numbing test posts this week, last week, whenever. Oh, especially the one with all the naughty F words, I have to be at stress level 11 out of 10 for that to happen.

I kid ye not, the WP “Happiness Team” brought nothing but unhappiness, after a week of messages plus screenshots from me, a member of the Misery Team (full of claptrap) suddenly realised they´d been advising me about a different hosting plan than the one I use… Good grief.

This blog honestly resembled a hack, even under the hood I had a message “There is one more person in your team.” Hmm, Hello? Who the hell are you? (No option to delete). Meanwhile, just to be on the safe side I deleted all the widgets on here, my categories, pages, followers, the whole lot has gone.

After giving up with the Misery Team, and a day off cleaning the house, I suddenly had a moment of revelation. First of all, I discovered cleaning the toilet is a wonderful place to resolve a problem you weren´t thinking about. Second of all, sod the loo and get on with said brainwave before it turns into a brain fart.

  1. This blog is (was) 11 years old, must be about 120 in human years.
  2. In the olden days I started off with Google BlogSpot, it was all the rage then, till we had to start bunging code in it to prevent collapse.
  3. Even so, I stuck with it from 2011 till around 2016 then made the change to WordPress. You can´t beat it, so I´m staying put (despite the Misery Team, never to be called upon again).
  4. Turns out the brainwave brought sorry news. It was my fault. 

The slight technicality here was this, in 2016 when I brought all my content over from BlogSpot to WordPress, it was a simple procedure and worked out fine. BUT what many people may not know is that the crossover leaves previously published posts on BlogSpot servers. So yes, WordPress has it´s own access to these ancient posts, but does not store them, Google does.. It´s mainly the photos that slowly disappear.

How embarrassing, when I had a look, ALL photos before 2016 had gone! Imagine anyone clicking that far back in the Archive section (on here) only to be met with great big gaps. Five years worth of blank spaces, even worse how long had it been like that?

The clue came from having a nosy last year sometime, rough guess I´d say a third had lost their photos. Ah well, that was good enough at the time, but now? With nothing, nada, happy fond farewell. Phew, goodbye.

Oh I had such a laugh about what content remained, the only ping of sadness came from 2014 to 2016. Gorgeous photos from when we moved to Spain gone. However there´s light at the end of the tunnel, I´ve still got all my precious photos, so I can repost them safe in the knowledge they ain´t going anywhere.

Needless to say I shut that Mr Google account down, been itching to so for yonks, but all the photos would disappear! Oh wait..

So anyway, here´s one that got booted off:

2015-10-12 19.38.49     

Kind Regards from the Quirk herself.

3 thoughts on “Is there anybody out there?

  1. Thanks Alison! Still got some crinkles to iron out yet, oh, and some gadget thingy´s to add, then I might get round to finish off cleaning the toilet.


    Liked by 1 person

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