Dear Hacker

It´s not a good idea to mess with my website(s), as an MCSA myself, in case I can play the hacking game too if necessary and it is.

MCSA = Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator in case you didn´t know.

So far I´ve discovered other “sites” of yours, including the locked TakeyTezey without a proper url. Then you moved on to photos

I even know your name and found the hack you used for Windows Live Writer.

I´ve also seen the locked file in my robots text file that allows you to use fake Url extension tags to seriously confuse Google Smartphone bot. EG: mobile phone and AMP issues.

Hacking your way into my content as a member of “my team.”

No need for back end redirects when my posts now automatically go to your servers and you take credit.

Never mind the pop ups about an upgrade to .org with me paying for you doing piggy back. Let´s get this straight, I´m fully aware that you now “own” my content, hosted on your servers, and I´ve seen what you´ve added in my robots txt file.

So let me give you the option of putting things right eh? I see the unusual name of our boat was your way in. Step one as it were, photos were next. Simple, it was all imported from Blogger so no big deal, easy right? But still you continue to this day.

Then there´s the fake passwords via txt, 10 at a time, offered those infected or controlled WordPress themes too. At first I thought problems with widgets, general, easily put right till I started doing some hacking of my own, that redirect above my main blog name was a dead giveaway. Categories and Tags.

Today I find you´ve added “two brits on a boat” (unverified) to the list in search console, there´s a trackback if ever there was one! Oh and what´s “Recently seen” all about? Yep, you fiddling about in all versions.

So here´s a ransom note for YOU, I´ve taken screenshots of everything you´ve done and it´s traceable.

I will be submitting all the info I have about you to both WordPress and Google this afternoon. There´s also the SEO investigation I´ve got waiting for you and your own “Team.” Bit sloppy eh?

This is ransomware for YOU.

Now bugger off or reap the consequences. Best hurry eh?

The process begins today. I don´t care if you take what´s visible on the web down now, I´ve got your screenshots.


One thought on “Dear Hacker

  1. Well, that´s a start, rogue permalink gone? Now give me ALL my content back, and not via 301 redirect. You´re already in here so get it done NOW.


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