About Me


Hi there,
My name is Heather Flower and I´m a firm believer in making the most out of life. Hopefully my blog reflects that philosophy.
I´d like it to link to you through my own observations, experiences, challenges, and humour.
When a friend first “nudged” me into blogging, she said “You´re the kind of person who tells it like it is, you have an ongoing story to share, so get on with it!” 
I was inspired, and began writing about our adventures and misadventures. Tentative at first, I wondered what I´d gotten myself into. All my working life had revolved round the numbers 0 and 1 sat at a computer screen, and yet here I found myself doing A – Z instead.
Yes, lifestyle had to be the theme, but where to begin was a poser. Was age 45 the right time? Did lifestyle mean going back to the days of yore and never catching up?
“In the year #### I took my “O” levels and failed Geography.”
Until 2007 I´d lived an average everyday life in the suburbs, working hard and bringing up the kids. When they flew the nest hubby and me had a choice. Remain conventional and stagnate, or take a leap into the unknown??? Opting for the latter, a blog was born.
We bought a Dutch Barge style canal boat and lived on water. Life afloat was fun, seven years of it, and the blog began to flow… But, during the last couple of years aboard, enthusiasm for that way of life slowly began to fade away. 
It was time to take another leap into the unknown. But what and where? A place in the sun was a priority.
After two years of research, back and forth to Spain, we bought a house in January 2014. Moving day to live in another country was November 3rd 2014. Etched in memory it is. 
Without being chained to a specific subject along the lines of business or commerce. My blog that began as a nutshell has turned into something that resembles the tree of life, and it´s followed me in every suitcase.
Worry not about the steps you take, but about the footprints you leave behind…
So enjoy dear reader, hopefully as much as I enjoy writing…

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