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This blog originally started in 2007 when we moved from living in a house,, to living on a boat.

From the moment we decided to live on water I blogged about our highly entertaining life afloat. For almost six years we experienced golden times and made many lifelong friends. All of us based in the same marina.

Towards the end of 2011 we made a bold decision to move the boat via crane and lorry to a different marina, “canal central” in the heart of England. The boat had to be craned out because it was a wide beam, more like the size of a Dutch Barge. Several reasons for change appealed:

To be able to go out on rivers.

Higher standards at the new marina for less cost in mooring fees.

A spa, gym and swimming pool were in the process of being built there. Nice.

We´d spent thousands upgrading the boat, so nothing else could go wrong,, right?


I still continued blogging in a light hearted way, even when we wouldn´t admit the truth to ourselves. The cold hard facts were:

We couldn´t go out on rivers, they were always flooded.

The spa, gym and swimming pool idea was scrapped.

The boat continued to throw even more major problems at us.

Only the higher standards and relatively low cost (to us) of mooring fees remained true. Neither of which were ultra important.

But we still remained positive, tried to make the most of things. Even when enthusiasm began to fade, surely things would improve?

It´s only in hindsight, we realised that staying in Benidorm for six weeks during winter opened our eyes. We finally admitted to ourselves living on a boat wasn´t right for us anymore. Not only that, we had the means to move to a place in the sun.

So we set the ball rolling…

In November 2014, exactly two years later we moved to Spain for good. By that time we´d already owned our Spanish house for 10 months.

After splitting this blog almost in two, I´ve kept the same timestamps and moved our golden era of boating with our dearest friends to:

Two Brits On A Boat.

The principle of doing so is akin to saving shiny photos. Sentimental without regrets, I just couldn´t delete it.

When I thought about what the cut off point would be between the two blogs. I realised that the best place to do so was from when we moved the boat by road, to a new home. A place that was supposed to be a new start, ironically it turned out to be a slow end to the UK itself.

But hey, on the positive side, from here in paradise, maybe we´ve got that slow decline to thank. Maybe November 2014 in Spain would never have happened without it…!

I sometimes look back and wonder how we managed…

As for how this blog “Two Brits In Spain” started and continues,, it´s all on here from before the idea to move abroad even presented itself. The reality, and our experiences in Spain never cease to amaze.

Happy Reading…

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